About Us






We are an Italian American family owned business and we are proud to offer quality authentic Italian ceramics at an affordable price.  Since 2001, we have been directly importing all of our of handmade and hand painted Italian ceramics from Italy to our warehouse in the USA.


We are very competitive with our overall pricing.  We purchase and then ship all of our Italian Ceramics in large volume from Italy to our USA location in Austin, Texas and then we ship direct to you.   All products shown are kept in stock at our USA location.  To also help keep overall prices (product & shipping)  affordable for our customers, we do not buy any of our Italian ceramics from any wholesaler or middle man in the USA and we also do not wholesale any of our Italian ceramics to any other retail establishment.


Along with offering quality and affordable Italian Ceramics from Italy, we also take pride in offering all of our customers quality care and service.  Whether shopping for yourself or for others, or trusting us with your bridal or gift registry, we know you will be satisfied and confident with our fine products and our convenient, prompt, and reliable service.   Since we are centrally located in the USA in Austin, Texas, our ground shipping times for our customers are normally only 2-3 business days after processing.  Our processing times are also quick, which are usually only 1-2 business days.


The ITALIAN CERAMICS STORE is a sister store to our other store, Firenze Italian Specialties, which has been successfully selling original and unique Italian & Tuscan gifts and decor and Italian ceramics for over 10 years on the internet.


* PLEASE NOTE - All Italian ceramics purchased from either this store, Italian Ceramics Store or our other store, Firenze Italian Specialties will have written MADE IN ITALY or MADE IN DERUTA with the name FIRENZE ITALIAN CERAMICS or FIRENZE ITALIAN SPECIALTIES in the back of each purchased ceramic.





Italian Ceramics Store, reserves the right to refuse business/service to anyone.